Marshall Watson


  • Love Me Back To

Marshall Watson continues his streak of leftfield-inspired deep house with “Love Me Back To”. Both shimmery and dark, this release carries a heavy chug under swirling clouds of bright sonic detail, expertly woven percussive touches and vocal editing. This release includes remixes from some of our best including Issac, Rose Tinted and Anna Be, and Yellowcake.

Marshall Watson (aka Shane) is a San Francisco Bay Area composer and electronic music maker who first came to the fore in 2003 via several singles and albums release on Sheffield’s Highpoint LowLife records. Since then his music has been released on a diverse group of electronica imprints including Car Crash Set, 442, Volkoren, Celsius, and most recently on Loöq Records.

As a composer, Marshall Watson is master of his craft. He currently holds a position as the Music Director at Sirius Sound, where he has written tracks for Yahoo!, Google, Flickr, Aruba Networks, Symantec, Cisco and many others. Despite the high credentials, his heart is still on the underground dance floor. You can find him DJing occasionally at infamous Qoöl Happy Hour, as well as monthly at Eclipse Salon, both in San Francisco.