• Rising

Rising, Momu’s third album, is a bold breakbeat manifesto. While 100% breaks, the tracks on Rising have nothing to do with club-scene “party breaks” or even the deeper progressive breaks genre that Momu helped found with their debut self-titled album in 2004. Instead, Rising fuses 60’s jazz, 70’s funk, 80’s hip-hop, and 90’s synth pop with future glitch and dark analog dub into a unique, uplifting, transformative personal journey. Momu has destroyed the mold with this album, creating a lush new landscape of breakbeat terrain in the process.

Alysoun Quinby, who appeared on Momu’s breakout track The Dive, contributes vocals for the title track. Original artwork by LEBO.

Momu is J.D. Moyer (the MO) and Mark Musselman (the MU). Championed from the start by the world’s top DJ’s such as Nick Warren and Sasha, Momu immediately made a name for themselves with ground-breaking breakbeat singles that helped create the “progressive breaks” genre.

In 2006 Momu released their debut self-titled album to stunning critical acclaim. M8 Magazine said “you’ll struggle to find anything as perfectly formed as this collection from breakbeat visionaries Momu.” Spill Magazine opined “An absolutely cracking album from start to finish, there’s not even a whiff of disappointment in this longplayer.” 2008 brought the release of Momu’s follow-up album “Momentum.” Unfettered by anything except the breakbeat form itself, “Momentum” broke the “progressive breaks” mold, but Momu’s signature sonic weirdness, insanely high production values, and larger than life hooks are still front and center.

Momu recently released the “Stax EP” (Loöq) and remixed Infusion’s anthem “Gotta Leave Now” (Omnis).