• Momu

MOMU bio Momu started innocently enough, but soon after tracks by this duo of JD MOyer (aka Jondi, of internationally renowned production team Jondi & Spesh) and Mark MUsselman, (one of San Francisco’s most acclaimed breakbeat DJs), began hitting clubs and record stores, the buzz was afoot. Momu’s raw yet emotive breakbeat sound had been let out, and there was no going back. Word of mouth, both online and off, was swift to spread with comments like, “Assume everyone’s picked up on these guys by now? If not- get on it sharpish because everything they touch turns to gold”. Not bad for a pair of DJ/producers who were just in it to bring their collective songwriting ideas into the world of breaks. Momu’s sound to date; wicked breaks, future tech sounds, breathtaking melodies, sinister FX, and devastating arrangements that wreak havoc on the dancefloor and stereos everywhere. Both Mark and Jondi are residents at San Francisco’s favorite mid-weekly, Qoöl, where you can hear them regularly testing out new and unusual breakbeat frequencies. Momu’s very first single ”This Is Momu” was licensed to Global Underground to feature on the Afterhours series. Global Underground has also licensed ”The Dive” for Nick Warren’s Global Underground: Reykjavik (GU24). Momu’s ”Sunsicle”  is featured on Hyper’s ”Fractured” compilation on Bedrock. The Donner Pass / Sunsicle 12” has received highest acclaim on Bedrock Breaks. Releases on quality labels such as Kubist, 3Beat Breaks, Bedrock Breaks, Functional Breaks, Sabotage Systems, nu-Republic, Spundae Records, and Loöq Records all garner big support from the world’s top DJ’s including John Digweed, Sasha, Jerry Bonham, James Zabiela, DJ Hyper, Adam Freeland, Ashley Casselle, Nick Warren, Lee Burridge, Cass, Jonathan Lisle, Blackwatch, Steve Gerrard, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ19, Pako & Frederik, and Hybrid. In addition to creating attention getting original compositions, Momu have also proven to be a remix powerhouse as well. John Digweed dropped Momu’s recent remix of Jamie Stevens ”The Night Before” (Loöq Records) on his Kiss FM show. The Momu remix of Marino Berardi’s ”Clear the Skies” (19Box) popped ears in Japan and worldwide.  Momu remixes of Cass’s ”Mind Rewind” (Sabotage), Sunscape’s ”Purled” (Kubist) and Justin O’Brien and Jonanthan’s ”Levitate” (Stellar), Blake Jarrell and Starkid’s ”Apricot” (3Beat Breaks) and Digital Witchcraft’s “Brindavan” devastated dance floors and furthered the Momu agenda of painting outside the lines of traditional breaks music. In the visual arena, the music video of Momu’s ”The Dive” (directed by Kia Simon) was shown on MTV and Apple’s Quicktime site, having already gained recognition in many topshelf film festivals including San Francisco International, LA International Short, South by Southwest, Mill Valley, and Seattle’s Bumbershoot.