• Akuma H23/Deshi

The RND() resurgence continues with this pumped-up melodic progressive two track EP with on-fire remixes. “Akuma H23” delivers a huge dose of big sound system atmosphere with groove to spare. Akuma H23 gets reworked by San Francisco up and comer JDubya (aka Pink Mammoth resident DJ Jonathan Will), the legendary Yoogie Van Bellen, breakthrough dj/producer Nomad In The Dark, and Bay Area rising star Derek Ryan. The EP’s second track, “Deshi”, leaps through your speakers with layer upon layer of peak-time thunder.

Created from a boiling cauldron of sizzling hair metal, new-wave synthpop, deliciously decadent progressive rock, Wagnerian opera, mathematical Mozart, avant-garde Japanese cinema, and the unique mystical jazz guitar of Hungarian master Gabor Szabo, RND() is the collision of two hearts and minds of many influences. Upon agreeing that Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” was the very first true trance record, Robert Palazuelos and David Gropper began a musical collaboration that has stood the test of more than a decade and more than five thousand miles of ocean. Robert, a classical and metal guitarist, English teacher, golf pro, new father, and master of voltage control, resides near Tokyo, Japan in a monastery of vintage synthesizer and guitar equipment. David, an avid enthusiast of the dark studio arts and resident DJ for Helix at Ruby Skye, resides in San Francisco amongst a sea of vinyl records representing the best of progressive electronic music. Never quite classifiable, the sounds that emanate from RND()’s studios on both sides of the Pacific are nonetheless intensely compelling and timeless – simultaneously fit for the finest audiophile listening chamber and the sweatiest, darkest dancefloor anywhere on the globe.